About NHBC



We believe in maintaining high ethical standards and treating all people fairly and consistently, adhering to all appropriate laws and regulations.

Underlying our overall commitment to equality is the fundamental belief in the right of all employees and customers to be treated with dignity and respect and to be guaranteed freedom from discrimination.

NHBC is also commited to upholding the Women in Finance Charter, led by the HM Treasury, which seeks to increase the number of female senior managers. Details of our commitment and targets are available here.


A critical factor in our ongoing success is the ability to attract employees and customers from all sections of society.


Our core aims in this area are:

  • To achieve a balanced workforce that truly reflects the composition of the general population from where we recruit our employees.
  • To realise competitive advantage from fully utilising and developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of a diverse workforce.
  • To ensure selection for employment, training and development, promotion, and any other benefits are on the basis of aptitude and ability and where necessary by providing specialist aids or equipment, thereby providing genuine equality of opportunity for all employees.
Rewards and training
Rewards and training

All of our processes are gender neutral and offer fair and consistent treatment of staff, including pay, performance and progression.

Diversity training is undertaken by all staff, and management of diversity is undertaken by all those with line management responsibility.

Our board of directors

Our Board, led by Chairman Isabel Hudson, comprises 12 members, of which 9 are men and 3 are women. This gives us a board gender diversity percentage of 25% compared with an average in FTSE 100 companies of 17.3%.

Board of directors

Construction industry council advisory board

Our Engagement Manager sits on the Construction Industry Council Advisory Board on Diversity in order to contribute to influencing this agenda positively.