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Mark O'Sullivan: Area Technical Manager

I chose Civil Engineering because I wanted to plan, design and manage a variety of construction projects and apply my studies to practical situations solving real world problems.

Wanting more time with my family I joined NHBC in 2004 as a Senior Engineer after 13 years in consultancy. Less time commuting achieved this personal aim and the package NHBC offered was attractive. Also, with many of the engineering team being home based professional independence is encouraged.

I enjoy the interaction with Builders and their Consulting Engineers and having the opportunity to make a difference in relationship to Engineering proposals. I've also enjoyed the challenge of investigating and remedying claims of a structural nature. More recently, I have relished the opportunity to develop my management skills, following my recent secondment to the role of Area Technical Manager, managing a multi-disciplinary technical team of engineers, surveyors and project managers.

The company offers the chance to step back from detailed design and to develop a more conceptual and holistic approach to assessing engineering proposals and risk management. I enjoy the support offered by NHBC's network of professional, experienced and helpful staff. The Company engages with its people by providing feedback and actively seeking to implement appropriate suggestions in order to make the company a better place to work.

Orna O'Toole: Principal Land Quality Engineer

Environmental Engineering was an obvious choice for me having a background in geology, hydrogeology and land contamination

With a first degree in Earth Sciences plus a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering as well as having worked as a hydrogeologist, and Contaminated Land Officer, I joined NHBC in May 2004 (and recently received my 10 year NHBC 'Birthday' hamper!). As a Senior Environmental Engineer I work in a team that is responsible for ensuring that new housing schemes comply with the contaminated land requirements of NHBC Standards and the Building Regulations. I was promoted to a Principal position in 2008 when I became more involved in the NHBC's Land Quality Endorsement scheme, a commercial consultancy service offered by NHBC to assess brownfield sites against NHBC's standards.

NHBC supports its staff to develop their careers and NHBC provided me with the time and encouragement to achieve my goal of becoming a chartered scientist in 2010.

The people, I work with are a great bunch of people who have similar work values and ethos. The company has a wider understanding of employees' professional needs and their wellbeing.

In 2005 NHBC sponsored a team which I was part of to travel to SriLanka after the Tsunami to help local people re-build homes that had been destroyed. NHBC takes its Corporate Responsibility seriously and amongst other commitments sponsors Cancer Research UK. In 2011 Marie Curie were NHBC's charity partner and NHBC sponsored a staff team to cycle from Lands' End to John of Groats and I was delighted to be part of the team that achieved that goal.

Steven Odunmbaku: Senior Engineer

I have always been interested in finding solutions to problems, Engineering allowed me to pursue this passion.

Having studied Civil Engineering, I have had a very wide ranging experience from being a resident Engineer on Road Construction project to being a Design & Project Engineer in the office designing Residential, Educational, Commercial and Industrial buildings. I have led Engineering design on numerous projects and managed technical teams before joining NHBC as a Senior Engineer.

I enjoy working for NHBC partly because of what we do in raising standards in the home building industry, and the safety net we provide to new home owners. On a personal level, I love working from home and the flexibility and benefits it provides me.

Whether you are looking to grow your career or you're an experienced engineer, I would recommend joining NHBC to ignite or rekindle your passion.

Jason Schneider: Senior Engineer

I have always enjoyed the practical application of science and was drawn to Civil Engineering to apply that and help shape the world we live in, 'harnessing the great forces of nature for the benefit of mankind'.

Graduating from Birmingham University I worked on site before joining a small consultancy as a Structural Engineer. Moving on to another company to develop my skills on larger building structures. Project highlights have included special renovation works on Blackpool Tower, Bletchley Leisure centre, Dorchester Council Offices and various medium rise tower buildings between Nottingham and London.

I was travelling the length and breadth of the country and rarely at home when the kids were awake. NHBC offered the chance of a better work, life balance and with the role being home based it meant less time on the road or working late in a remote office. I only recently joined NHBC, and being home based meant that this is the first time I've been able to drop my kids off at nursery and still do a full days work. I also like the autonomy to service my own area, builders and inspection team. With a grounding in the construction industry it allows you to know what is good and bad practice and why things can't be done a particular way. Joining NHBC allows the opportunity to make sure that good practice is implemented as far and wide as possible, using your experience to bring people along with your ideas to improve standards of construction.

I have been impressed by the internal care and concern for one another here. Irrespective of how busy people are they always have time to assist you and that's not one or two people but everyone I've encountered. NHBC has a good culture for development that can only serve to share knowledge and enhance the company as a whole.

Valentino Rivolta: Principal Engineer

At school I was more interested in science rather than art subjects and Engineering seemed to be a natural choice for me. I chose Civil Engineering as a valued career that could be practiced everywhere in the world, graduating as a mature student in Civil Engineering in 1994. After working in consultancy I joined NHBC in 2005, because I wanted to work for a leading company and I've progressed from a Senior Engineer to Principal Engineer.

I enjoy the variety of projects and technical challenges that I have to deal with daily and the investigation of structural claims. I also enjoy providing a service to builder customers, home owners and working with our Building Inspectors, Surveyors and Project Managers on major projects. The job itself being home based offers me considerable flexibility and the opportunity to avoid the daily grind of commuting as well as saving money.

NHBC offers career progression, opportunities to develop and along with working from home it all adds up to a good place to work.

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