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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility in the Environment

Environment image 1As a standard-setting organisation, NHBC follows the objectives of its Environmental Policy and is committed to minimising our impact as a business on the environment, while also supporting the continual improvement in environmental performance of the wider-house building industry. We are now pursing further assurance measures.


Helping the environment as a business

Environment image 2Over many years, NHBC has taken steps to improve our environmental performance, modifying our systems, processes and behaviour to reduce our impact on the environment. More recycling facilities and energy saving measures have been introduced throughout all NHBC offices, and we adopted a zero to landfill target in 2013.

As well as operating a low-emission car fleet (we won a BITC award for excellence for our travel plan in 2012), a network of CR Champions is in place to help implement and promote social responsibility initiatives across the business.

To reduce reliance on car travel, NHBC has introduced a 'Ride to Work' scheme for staff offering discounts on the purchase of new bikes, a mileage allowance for car sharing in the course of business, and invested in technology to assist social interaction for home and field based colleagues.

Our most recent independent assessment of our performance showed we scored 88% in the BITC CR index and we aim to increase this score through a range of targeted activities across the business.

Helping the environment by informing the industry

NHBC has been at the heart of industry engagement on sustainability for a number of years, in particular supporting the drive towards achieving the Government's zero carbon homes target by 2016.

As well as providing comprehensive training for house builders following the introduction of the Code for Sustainable Homes, we provide guidance and research to help the industry progress the zero carbon homes agenda.

Environment image 3 The NHBC Foundation (established by NHBC in partnership with the BRE Trust) continues to deliver a programme of practical research and guidance to Government and industry on issues relating primarily to sustainability and the zero carbon agenda.

Environment image 3 Zero Carbon Hub Logo NHBC is also a key player in the formation and funding of the 'Zero Carbon Hub' a public and private partnership which will lead on many aspects of the drive towards delivering more sustainable homes, including developing the Government's policy for all new homes to be zero carbon by 2016.