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Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Policy

Environment image 1NHBC is the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK. It was established 76 years ago as a non-profit distributing company. NHBC’s primary purpose is to help raise standards to protect homeowners. NHBC’s ten-year `Buildmark’ warranty covers approximately 80% of new homes built in the UK and currently protects around 1.6 million homes.

NHBC also provides comprehensive range of products and services that assist registered house builders to improve the quality of new homes.

This statement is signed by the Executive Chairman as an expression of her, and the company’s commitment to overall environmental performance. NHBC has pledged to reduce its environmental impacts by achieving specific objectives and developing a culture of environmental awareness through engagement with its employees.

The objectives of the statement are a commitment to:
  • Comply with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Advise house builders on good practice for improving the quality of new homes
  • Support the continual improvement of the environmental performance of NHBC’s operations and the house-building industry
  • Identify the environmental impacts, both direct and indirect, of NHBC’s office activities and transportation, and take steps to mitigate the environmental impact of these activities
  • Adopt the practice of responsible fuel and energy management through the encouragement of reducing energy consumption
  • Provide training and information to employees to ensure the objectives in this statement are fulfilled
  • Take environmental factors into account in the procurement of materials
  • Take all measures that are reasonably practicable to reduce waste at source and recycle where possible
  • Prevent pollution wherever practicable in our operations.

Isabel Hudson

Executive Chairman