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Corporate Responsibility

NHBC Responsible Procurement Policy

This Policy applies to all purchases of goods and services made on behalf of NHBC, specifying the minimum standard of CR performance we expect from our suppliers, and their sub-contractors. The ‘Corporate Responsibility’, ‘Equal Opportunities’, and ‘Ethical Procurement’ supplier questions are contained within the NHBC Procurement Policy on Tendering Guidelines. Through this tendering process with the due consideration of the replies to these sections, the selection of suppliers is made in accordance with the aim of promoting Corporate Responsibility within NHBC supply chain marketplace.

The procurement policy aims to:

Encourage our suppliers to conform to the following standards of operation for;

Human rights and working conditions

  • Respect fundamental human rights including worker representation
  • Be committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment, giving no discrimination against any employee on any grounds, such as on; race, caste, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, or gender
  • Select suppliers without consideration of the gender of their employees or their ethnic origin
  • Comply with working time legislation within the country of operation
  • Maintain and provide evidence of responsible health & safety practices


  • Maintain effective policies and procedures to manage their environmental impact
  • Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility


  • Treat suppliers fairly and objectively at all times
  • Ensure that major supply contracts are considered in line with the purchase tendering guidelines, and that suitable suppliers have an equal opportunity to supply
  • Pay suppliers in accordance with the agreed terms

In addition provide;

  • Advice to suppliers that do not comply with our Corporate Responsibility aims, and where significant progress is not achieved in an agreed period the supplier will be considered for de-selection
  • A regular review of our sustainable procurement practices to determine areas for improvement
  • Report procurement performance to the Corporate Responsibility Committee