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Fast-track NVQ Level 2, hands-on, 100% focussed on home-building

Our new Bricklaying Apprenticeship meets the specific needs of home-builders. It will develop apprentice bricklayers who are able to build to NHBC Standards, are informed about common quality issues and who, after just 6 weeks on our front-loaded course, will return to you able to contribute on site.

Apprentices will attend a purpose built site training hub in Tamworth which we are developing with our builder customer working group. Our first hub is being hosted by Redrow Homes.

The NHBC Bricklaying Apprenticeship will be:

  • fully focussed on home-building and relevant standards
  • covering quality issues and current ‘hot’ topics as well as the basics
  • front-loaded with an intensive 6 weeks’ study period, equivalent to a year’s day release at college
  • led by hands-on practical learning – 2 hours in the classroom, 6 hours on the tools each day
  • completed in 18 months compared with 24-30 months currently for NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship
  • made up of a further 5 x 2-week teaching blocks as well as time working on your sites.

NHBC Bricklaying Apprentices will:

  • learn how to build and lay bricks to meet the apprenticeship and NHBC standards as well as adhere to current legislation
  • be taught the most up-to-date techniques
  • in six weeks, achieve the equivalent of a whole year’s learning at college
  • be motivated by the pace of the course to complete their qualification in 18 months
  • return to you, at week 7, able to contribute on site.

NHBC Bricklaying Apprentices will cover a lot in their first six weeks.


We’d expect apprentices to return to you after their six weeks at the hub able to:

  • work safely on scaffold
  • interpret drawings to ascertain position of openings
  • build a free-standing corner
  • lay bricks and blocks to line, gauge, level, plumb with no face plane deviation
  • know about and position, ties, cavity trays, weep holes, movement joints and fire-stopping
  • build cavity walling under supervision
  • lay 30-40 bricks an hour to a good quality standard to line (NB: emphasis will be on quality, so speed can develop)
  • position blockwork, or lay to line between corners
  • use basic tooled joints
  • cut bricks/blocks in a safe manner
  • know about manual handling and general health and safety procedures on site and taken a CSCS test
  • wear appropriate PPE
  • keep a clean work area throughout the day
  • cover work at the end of the day.


Funding is available from CITB and the Apprenticeship Levy. We can advise you on the most appropriate funding options based on your learners’ prior experience and/or qualifications.

Please check current CITB rates here. Published Apprenticeship Levy funding is currently up to £9,000.

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