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Construction Quality Services

We specialise in construction quality and strive to help you get it right first time.

Helping our registered builders and developers to improve construction quality is and always has been at the heart of our business.

We already work with our customers on quality as part of our warranty and insurance offering and its related inspection service. And, you may already be benefiting from some of our additional services in this area but there might also be more we can do to support you in:

  • changing behaviours
  • shifting measurements of success to include build quality
  • giving you reliable measurement tools
  • establishing a clear direction and platform to enhance construction quality further. 

How we can help

We offer 5 key services to help you deliver improved construction quality first time which in turn will deliver these business benefits:

  • improved customer satisfaction
  • reduced costs of remedial works
  • reduced number of claims and the associated costs by minimising potential defects
  • efficiencies across the full build journey
  • reduced risk to reputation from quality issues.

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Reports & data analysis

The data we gain from circa 1 million on-site inspections each year, Construction Quality Reviews, plus our years of claims handling and our internal technical expertise, provide a unique source of up-to-date information on new home construction. We can offer you a whole host of analysis, reporting and construction quality related data - from exemplary good practice images to bespoke construction quality audits and reports on your own and your industry peers’ performance.

Reports & data analysis

Construction quality feedback

We can provide bespoke construction quality feedback to you that covers the full build journey – previous builds via our claims data, here and now via our inspection data and CQRs; and finally, how satisfied your customers are via the customer satisfaction records. We can deliver it via a webinar, face to face presentation or multi-discipline workshop involving your supply chain. We will work with you to look in depth at the root causes of construction issues and provide clear focus and direction to help you further improve your construction quality.

Construction quality feedback

Quality assurance & management services

In addition to the support they already provide, our Standards and inspection teams can also offer you:

  • Bespoke stage gate inspections e.g. timber sole plate, firestopping etc.
  • Construction Quality Reviews (CQRs) – detailed photographic reviews of construction quality on your site(s) – whether you just want an overall view for your business or want some help with specific sites/build elements you have concerns about.
  • Business quality assurance reviews – review your drawings, contracts and tender processes.
Quality assurance & management services


Do your technical and on-site staff need a refresher on current best practice, the latest regulatory changes or how to avoid the most common defects? If so, our specialist training team deliver insightful, practical courses and webinars and they can also provide customised, technical courses based on your precise needs. Our inspection staff deliver trade talks out on site too, focussing on the most common quality issues we encounter and how to avoid them.

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Industry events

Building for tomorrow is our annual series of seminars where NHBC experts and selected third party speakers present the latest technical and regulatory updates and share best practice in house-building. We can also support your own events with our expert speakers.

Take a look at Building for tomorrow here.

Industry events



Given the current challenges in the market where we are trying to meet increased housing numbers from a stretched staff base and supply chain, managing out defects and managing up quality is a key challenge and drive for us.

Our team on the day, which included a number of our experienced production professionals, saw huge value in the outputs of the Construction Quality Feedback. We felt that the combination of a clear approach, metrics that allow us to pick out trends across sites and trades including photos and anecdotes that bring the numbers to life will make this a really valuable enhancement to our quality processes.

Divisional managing director

Thank you for taking the time to carry out the Construction Quality Review, this is a great help for myself to highlight certain areas where things can be improved.

Site manager
Major builder

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