Questions and answers on Building Regulations

The Building Regulations and Approved Documents contain a considerable amount of guidance. Using our considerable experience and to help you with common technical issues and interpretations, the following questions and answers are intended to provide guidance and potential solutions for achieving compliance with the Building Regulations.

These questions and answers apply to the current Building Regulations. They are not prescriptive answers and it is important to remember that each situation is different, so answers cannot always apply to all situations.

If an NHBC Buildmark Warranty is being provided for your project, there may be additional requirements to consider, which are in addition to the requirements of the Building Regulations. Further guidance on NHBC Standards can be sought from NHBC Standards and Technical.

General questions

Specific questions

The Q & As are split into Regulation procedures and categories.

Part A – Structure

Approved Document A3 states that buildings should be designed to allow for disproportionate collapse. How do I determine the appropriate class for my development / refurbished building?

There are many classes / scenarios to consider when deciding which types of buildings fall into which class.

Read our guidance note to help you decide.