Industry support on the implementation of Part L 2013

April 2014 will see the implementation of Part L 2013 which will introduce a 6% uplift over Part L 2010 across the build mix. To support our customers, we will be providing a range of guidance and opportunities for builder customers to learn about the changes and examine the impact on the homes that they build.

Technical Extra - Part L 2013 Special

Due for publication in February the next edition of Technical Extra will focus on the changes to Part L 2013 and the impact that the changes will have on house building as well as any additional requirements that builders will need to provide to show compliance.

Building for Tomorrow

Beginning at the end of February and running through March, the Building for Tomorrow 2014 seminars will focus on the next generation of new homes and how the regulation changes can be best managed by builders. With keynote speakers from DCLG, NHBC and other industry specialists, the seminars will provide an opportunity to hear about the impact of the regulations at first hand. The programmes will also include workshops where delegates can speak to NHBC Building Control team members about Part L 2013. Find out more here

Transitional Provisions

The transitional provisions for the new documents will be the same as those for the 2010 regulations.

In brief:

Any builders with sites that they wish to submit in order to meet the transitional provisions should speak to their NHBC Building Control Surveyor or to NHBC Customer Services on 0844 633 1000.

News Date: 17/01/14