Date for Part L 2013 (England) Transitional Provisions expiry approaches

Builders who submitted sites to NHBC ahead of the implementation of Part L 2013 in England should note that the date by which a commencement should be recorded in order to ensure the site fully meets the transitional provisions is fast approaching.

To qualify to meet the transitional provisions put in place for Part L 2013 an initial notice, building notice or full plans submission must have been served before 6 April 2014 and work should have been commenced on site before 6 April 2015.

Where a site meets the transitional provisions Part L 2013 will not apply. In DCLG's opinion the commencement of work would usually be marked by work such as:

DCLG considers that the following sorts of work would not be likely to constitute the commencement of work:

In some cases applications will be in respect of a number of buildings on a site, for example a number of houses. In such cases it is the commencement of work on the first of the buildings within the application which determines whether all the building work can take advantage of the transitional provisions, not each individual building.

What to do next

Builders who have not yet carried out a commencement on sites should contact their NHBC Building Inspector as soon as possible to arrange for a suitable inspection to be carried out and recorded before the 6 April 2015.

News Date: 14/01/15