Why use our building control service?

We are the largest provider of building control in the UK. Our service brings you the following benefits.

Our service saves you money

We work closely with you to identify potential problems, then agree practical solutions to save you money along the way.

Whenever your designs are repeated we only need approve it once. Type Approvals save money and give you the certainty of knowing that you can use the design repeatedly across the country.

The NHBC Portal allows customers to access and submit important information through a secure login facility from our website:

Up to date expert advice

Sound advice is backed up by our close ties with Government bodies and regulators. You can be confident in our interpretation and advice on regulation changes.

We are well placed to understand the concerns of the industry and provide feedback to Government to aid delivery of effective regulation change in the future.

We add value to your project

At NHBC, we go the extra mile by working in partnership with you as part of your design team. We can attend your design meetings and share our experience so you can achieve compliance cost effectively.


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Consultation on changes to Building Regulations in England and Wales