Comprehensive compliance for McCann

McCann Homes - Mawsley Village, Kettering

Construction - Timber frame
Services provided - Acoustics, Air leakage testing, Energy ratings, Building Control

Mawsley Village Kettering

This phase of 25 units is part of a much larger community scheme near Kettering. 

NHBC has provided a wide range of services to simplify the compliance requirements for McCann Homes.

With the scheme requiring Code level 4 on all units, the sustainability and Building Control teams provided up-front advice on designs from an early stage.  Close communication between them and the energy team ensured consistent advice and an efficient service. 

The Testing services later managed a quick turnaround for on-site tests, passing results direct to energy to let them promptly issue EPCs.  This meant a smooth hand-over process for the builder and HA client.

"Using NHBC for many services really worked well for us. We used the extranet to share information with different services, which speeded things up and meant less work for us."

Steve Baggeley, Commercial Manager, McCann Homes


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"We rely on NHBC for their technical expertise & knowledge, helping us to stay compliant and to reduce costs."
Neil Goodwin, MD, Barratt Manchester