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Case studies: Glasshoughton

Lakeside, Glasshoughton, West Yorkshire

Waystone 32 Limited


Key Facts

  • 7 hectares
  • Situated to the south of Castleford, West Yorkshire, an area of ongoing regeneration under Wakefield Council’s Growth Delivery Plan
  • Former sludge lagoons, sludge bed and colliery spoil tip, associated with a former nearby colliery and coking works
  • Planning consent for 247 residential units


From the late 19th century to the mid-1980s, Glasshoughton in Castleford, West Yorkshire was host to a colliery, coking works, associated spoil tips and railway sidings. After almost a decade of disuse, the site was marked for reclamation, restoration and development. Commencing in 2013, the NHBC LQE team assisted land developers Waystone 32 Ltd in ensuring geotechnical and geo-environmental remediation of the site complied with NHBC standards for land quality. This early engagement by NHBC provided extra support to Waystone 32 Ltd on the mitigation of in-ground risks, in terms of the acceptability of the site for Buildmark warranty cover.

Contamination hazards

The presence of colliery spoil and very soft coal fines locally within former lagoon areas giving rise to the potential for migrating ground gas and excessive primary consolidation and subsequent creep settlements.

Remediation Strategy

  • NHBC’s collaborative approach ahead of remediation with the appraisal of proposed cut and fill earthworks strategy; the removal of unsuitable materials, assessment of site won material and compaction of colliery spoil.  This fully validated re-engineered fill reduced pore space for migration of ground gas and provided acceptable ground conditions for earthworks and foundations suitable for residential development.
  • NHBC added value through early involvement by accessing the earthworks as the site progressed, offering an independent critique on contamination and ground gas assessments and the acceptability of earthworks and their validation.  The remediation history is documented within a concise Certificate of Land Quality Endorsement, which provided an invaluable timeline of the project.


In 2016, Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire commenced construction of 188 new homes planned over an approximate 6-year period. 

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