Large builders

If you're building more than 300 units a year

For NHBC registered builders (completing more than 300 units a year for private sale) and who need to comply with the requirements of The Consumer Code, we automatically operate our standard customer satisfaction survey service and provide a licence to view the results online.

For those who wish to combine all their customer satisfaction research into one survey, our enhanced service is all you need.

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The only customer satisfaction survey you need

House-builders who have switched to our enhanced survey service tell us they have enjoyed significant cost savings. They have been able to fulfil all of their customer satisfaction research requirements simply by adding extra functionality to the standard NHBC survey.

It can provide you with:

Benchmarking at all levels in your business and with industry peers

You can access reports on the performance of multiple regions / divisions / subsidiaries and even at individual site level so you can benchmark and compare performance within your organisation as well as with your industry peers.

Save time and money on sharing reports

We provide multiple-user licences to enable divisional, subsidiary and site staff to access and act on their own results.

Customise the survey to suit your own needs

You can add up to 12 custom questions to get the information on specific topics that you need for future planning.

Identify problems fast

We will send you email alerts if any poor performance scores are received so you can take immediate action.

Direct customer feedback

You can see attributed customer comments in your reports if customers opt to let you see their verbatim responses.

Choose how you want your reports to look

You decide how data is presented in the format that best suits the needs of your business.

"The service that we have subscribed to with NHBC for our homeowner customer satisfaction surveys is second to none. The live online reports provide our management team with readily accessible and invaluable performance information for all levels of our organisation." Andy Fuller, Regional Managing Director, Persimmon Homes

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