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Audit and Accreditation

Why do you need a health and safety audit?

Legal compliance - with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM).

Independent assessment- of your health and safety practices by a nationally recognised organisation.

Measurement - of the effectiveness of your internal health and safety policies and systems.

Benchmarking - between divisions and subsidiaries, and with comparable companies.

Reduce risk - helping to manage the implications of HSE involvement.

Reduce costs - NHBC's industry-respected accreditation has been shown to help reduce liability insurance premiums.

Why should NHBC audit your health and safety?

Our health and safety consultants spend every day working with our customers on health and safety matters; whether it's helping develop policies and procedures, undertaking site inspections or acting as CDM co-ordinators. We know what best practice looks like, and how to implement it. Accordingly, our health and safety audits are rooted in this practical experience, and are the only health and safety audits specifically tailored to the home-building industry.

NHBC Audit and Accreditation

Designed to test the effectiveness of health and safety systems, and benchmark them between divisions/subsidiaries and with comparable companies in the industry, this audit will help identify areas of vulnerability, and reduce risk.

The audit process has recently been completely refreshed to give it a consultative and pro-active approach to help our customers improve their health and safety systems and processes. As a result the audit includes the corporate health and safety culture, and interpersonal and management skills, as well as the details of health and safety practice.

Small builder audit

A version of the full audit and accreditation service for small and medium-sized builders with a single operational company.

The NHBC Health and Safety Accreditation

On successful completion of the audit you will receive your NHBC Health and Safety Accreditation certificate to either bronze, silver or gold standard depending on the level of compliance, and an appropriate grade of NHBC Audit and Accreditation logo for use on promotional material. You will also be entitled to automatic entry into the prestigious NHBC Health and Safety Awards at company level. 

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Health and Safety Awards

The UK's only health and safety awards scheme exclusively for home builders.Find out more

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