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CDM Advisory Service The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Are you daunted at the prospect of working out how to comply with the 2015 CDM Regulations? If so, we can definitely help!

With over 20 years' experience providing health and safety services to the house-building industry, we've designed a suite of advisory services to help you undertake your duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations.

Whether you are a developer, principal designer, design team, client or contractor, we have a CDM advisory package to suit; ranging from a standard solution to help you fulfil your CDM duties, to an enhanced package with additional options should you need them.

It's a completely flexible service that is a cost-effective way to ensure that your projects are delivered safely.

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Core CDM 2015 services

We're ready to work with you and your team to ensure that from day one you're ready to meet your duties under CDM 2015. These are the core activities covered by our CDM Advisory Service:

Dedicated CDM advisor as single point of contact
As part of the NHBC CDM advisory service, you will be allocated your own personal CDM advisor who will be your single point of contact throughout the project. They will work closely with you to help ensure that you are doing everything to fulfil your duties as required by the CDM 2015 Regulations.

Site health and safety survey
Your CDM advisor will undertake an initial visit to the proposed construction site to ascertain existing health and safety issues, and to identify where further information will be required prior to the start of construction.

Pre-construction information
Following a survey of the site, a report will be prepared for inclusion in the pre-construction information, detailing potential health and safety issues identified using existing surveys and reports.

F10 management
We will ensure that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is notified as appropriate, and that this notification is managed for the lifetime of your project.

Review Construction Phase Plan
We will liaise with the principal contractor to ensure a suitable Construction Phase Plan is produced to enable work to begin on site.

Additional CDM 2015 services

You may feel that you need additional support and we can certainly assist with any of the following:

Attendance design team meetings
Your CDM advisor will attend design meetings and offer CDM and health and safety expertise. They can assist designers in identifying health and safety risks and provide advice and guidance on the 'principles of prevention', a hierarchy of risk elimination and reduction.

Construction Phase Plan production
The Construction Phase Plan is prepared in consultation with the principal contractor to ensure that it is appropriate for the project, and is reviewed at health and safety site visits.

Site inspection and monitoring visits
Your CDM advisor will undertake regular site inspections to review any existing and potential health and safety risks, whilst ongoing site health checks will reassure the client that the principal designer is managing health and safety on site appropriately.

Contractor and designer competency checks
We will help to ensure that any contractors or designers that you engage for your project have sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to work safely. We will ask for references and examples of previous work to demonstrate capability.

Review documentation
Your CDM advisor will review health and safety information relating to your site to help ensure that documents are suitable and sufficient for the project. If these are not in place, they will provide guidance on the changes required.

Homeowner health and safety files
We produce an easy-to-understand health and safety file for individual dwellings and homeowners.

Managed building health and safety files
For managed properties your CDM advisor will agree on content, and collate information from the design team and principal designer, compiling a health and safety file on behalf of the principal designer. This will provide information required for future activity on site such as cleaning, maintenance and ongoing building work.

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CDM 2015 training courses

We offer CDM courses for site and office based staff these include:

NHBC/APS Management of Pre-Construction health and safety (three days)
NHBC is accredited by the Association for Project Safety (APS), to deliver this three-day course to those who wish to act as CDM advisors, to clients, principal designers and contractors or construction safety practitioners.

CDM Regulations 2015 Awareness (one day)
If you are a client, designer, developer, contractor, or in a technical role, this one-day course is essential for you to understand your CDM responsibilities, and how your role interrelates with others.


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