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CDM Consultation 2014 now open

After many months of speculation the consultation document for the proposed changes to the CDM regulations has now been published. It's likely that the new regulations will be in force from 6 April 2015.

Consultation proposals in brief

Removal of the role of CDM Coordinator - The proposals would make the Client, Principal Contractor and a new duty holder, the Principal Designer, responsible for ensuring all the requirements are met.

Changes to notification threshold - the 30 day threshold for the notification of jobs to the HSE is to be tightened so that jobs will be notifiable when:

  • More than 30 days of construction activity is scheduled and there are to be more than 20 workers on site at any one time; or
  • The work is expected to exceed 500 person days.

Formal appointments and duties - the formal appointments and duties which currently kick in on all notifiable jobs are proposed to change. The client will have to appoint a Principal Contractor and Principal Designer on all jobs where there will be more than one contractor. Construction phase plans will be required on all jobs.

Principal Designer - the client will need to appoint a Principal Designer at the very start of the project. The Principal Designer takes on the responsibility to ensure the health and safety aspects of the pre-construction phase are managed effectively across the design team and will (like the CDM Coordinator before them) be responsible for ensuring the Client is able to comply with their duties.

Duties for Domestic Clients - For the first time even domestic clients have duties although these are limited to ensuring that if more than one contractor is appointed then the client must appoint a Principal Contractor and a Principal Designer. The other client duties are transferred to the contractors and designers.

Removal of specific competency requirements - the specific requirement to assess the competency of those engaged on a project has been removed and has been replaced with a general requirement to ensure all contractors have received sufficient training, information and supervision to be able to work safely - this should remove some of the burden imposed by assessments of competency for each project.

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The consultation period runs until 6 June 2014.