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Independent Certification Service (ICS)

Simple, cost-effective compliance

When house-builders or developers receive affordable housing grant directly from the Government (HCA), an Independent Certifier will have to be appointed.  The Certifier is contracted by both the developer and the HCA to ensure that the standards and requirements of the grant are being delivered.  NHBC has developed a simple and effective Independent Certification Service (ICS) that will make your life easier.

Minimise administration

We access the information we already hold for code for sustainable homes, building control and warranty ensuring that you don't need to send the same documents to multiple suppliers. NHBC will provide a full briefing for your team for each site, explaining what information is needed at each stage.

Cost effective

ICS inspection requirements will be undertaken by our team of building inspectors already on site in connection with our warranty and building control obligations which results in a very competitive service.

One supplier nationwide

We provide ICS with national coverage led by a central team to ensure the service is both proactive and consistent no matter where you need it.

Concise reports

Our regular monthly reporting format is designed to provide a clear record of information received to date and what key information is still to be provided by you, ensuring a simple and effective flow of information is maintained.

Simple to use

Our extranet facility will enable you to work with us electronically resulting reduced volumes of printing and post, thereby saving them time and money.

What is ICS?

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How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of the scheme and the phasing of the rollout, please call for a quote.

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