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What is ICS?

The role and duties of the Independent Certifier are set under Schedule 5 of the grant agreement and should satisfy 3 key requirements.

Part 1 - HCA Design & Quality Standards

The Independent Certifier checks that the particular construction standards to be achieved by the grant recipient, in relation to the completion of the individual dwellings, are all as committed to within the HCA Information Management System (IMS) records, for each confirmed allocation relating to the 'Kick-start' or the 2008-2011 National Affordable Housing Programme.

This will involve the Certifier undertaking the following duties:

  • Initial design, specification and document review
  • Ongoing working drawings, specification and document review
  • Site visits - on a monthly basis
  • Monthly reporting
  • Completion certificate
Part 2 - Procedural Compliance Checklist

This part of the checking is mostly desktop based to establish that grant recipients have complied with the appropriate procedural requirements and the validity of certifications, submissions and grant claims.  The Independent Certifier checks and verifies that the procedural compliance checklist has been fully satisfied by the grant recipient in respect of the individual dwellings.

Part 3 - Independent Warranty

The grant recipient is required to ensure that a house builder warranty, suitable for mortgage purposes, together with the accompanying 'cover note' as required under the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) initiative is available upon completion of the individual dwellings and to confirm that the 'cover note' has been issued.