NHBC information products

The data that we collect as part of our day-to-day operations puts us in a unique position of knowing exactly what is happening in new homes construction. We provide information to industry stakeholders to better inform their decisions. This ranges from high level analysis for economic debate through to site specific market information for developers, lenders and planners.

We capture information throughout the build process, starting with registration which indicates intent to build, plot start where construction has commenced, finalled where construction has finished, and lastly when ownership was transferred to the homeowner. 


When you're managing a complex business, fast, simple access to accurate information is key as you make decisions, lead meetings, and conduct negotiations.Of course you're fully aware of your business metrics, but are you also in the most knowledgeable position about the health of the markets you operate in?

Hometrack's Dashboard, available on your PC or iPad, delivers over 20 vital metrics on key aspects of the housing market at local level. Track new build, affordability, rents and house prices across your areas of operations. Dashboard makes it simple to understand the market context across your business.

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Housing Market Report - from £345 per year (discounts apply)

This monthly publication is jointly written by NHBC and HBF and provides insight into the housing market in general and specific detail on housebuilding

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Customer satisfaction surveys

Each year we carry out approximately 150,000 surveys of new homeowners; this gives us additional insight into the purchasers of new homes.

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