Quality Management Services

Bespoke inspection and auditing services tailored to your needs

As the pace of house building increases so does the pressure to maintain quality standards. Fortunately, our QMS can help. We've been offering QMS for several years with repeat business growing year on year from builders who have seen tangible improvements in their build process and completed product.

QMS inspections are proven to increase customer satisfaction of completed homes and reduce defects in properties under construction.

How can Quality Management Services help you?
Builders surveying a site

We provide a range of bespoke inspection and auditing services to target all build stages from foundations to finishes with the following proven benefits:

  • improved build and finish quality
  • reduced cost of remedial works
  • improved consistency
  • improved customer satisfaction levels
  • early warning of key issues
  • better management of contractors
  • positive impact on your Builder Reports
  • reduced fixed costs
  • smoother CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders) process
How does Quality Management Services work?

We work in partnership with your site team, providing individually tailored inspection and audit services, personalised to your requirements. Whether you have identified particular problems on a site, would like a closer look at finishes, or are working with a new method of construction, we can design a service for you.

We will help you to reduce after-sales costs and the need for remedial works, as well as increase customer satisfaction. Our service is extremely flexible and as you only pay for the inspections you need, it represents no fixed costs to yourself.

We can enhance your quality control processes through:
  • regular site audits of all work
  • targeted quality audits
  • additional stage inspections - timed to suit you
  • checklist driven inspections - benchmarked against your quality aspirations
  • tailored management reports - what's wrong and how it could be improved
  • independent third party checks
  • instant feedback
  • reporting system outside the normal Key Stage process

Our findings are recorded on a separate QMS report and do not form part of the normal NHBC key stage inspection reporting.

To discuss your technical Quality Management Services query:

Please call us on 01908 746380 or email us on qms@nhbc.co.uk