Part L 2010 complianceCombine NHBC services for a simpler, faster, consistant route to compliance


Part L 2010 of the Building Regulations came into force in September 2011.  Part L may require significant changes to your design, specification and detailing.

Place your orders for warranty, building control, energy rating and air leakage with NHBC and we will greatly simplify your compliance with Part L.

How we can help you comply with Part L

By combining the building control, energy rating and air leakage services from NHBC, we simplify the flow of information and give you consistent technical advice to achieve compliance with the Part L regulations. 

You can also benefit from:

  • 10% discount off energy rating fees - when ordered with building control
  • Free SAP2009 modelling for energy customers to understand changes
  • Expert technical support - to identify the best solution
  • The NHBC Extranet - to reduce costs and monitor progress

How we support you

 You just need to:  What we will do:
  • Place an order for warranty, building control, energy rating and air leakage via our SNIN form.

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  • Submit your drawings and specifications via NHBC's Extranet

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  • Assess and set building control conditions
  • Undertake your SAP and pass the results to NHBC Building Control
  • Call you as your build progresses to schedule your air leakage testing, and pass results to you, Energy Rating and NHBC Building Control
  • Produce your EPC and send this to you and NHBC Building Control
  • Release your Part L conditions

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