Road & sewer bonds

A discretionary facility for registered builders

NHBC offers a discretionary facility, for registered builders who have an A1 Premium Rating and Housing Associations, to act as surety in providing bonds in favour of local authorities in relation to commitments to construct roads, sewers and open space areas.

Please see below for terms and conditions and an application form.

Terms and conditions

The following booklet details the eligibility criteria and provides information on how the bond limits are calculated together with a list of the terms and conditions.   It also shows the charges that apply should a bond overrun.

Terms and Conditions

Guidance notes and conditions effective from 1 June 2019.

Application form

Road and Sewer Bond application form for builders

Road and Sewer Bond application form for HA's

Once complete, please return it, with the appropriate fee, to the address stated on the form.

Power of Attorney for Road and Sewer Bonds

As of the 6 December 2016 we changed the Road and Sewer Bond process (when entering into bonds as surety). With effect from 6 December 2016, we execute bonds under an ordinary power of attorney. Please see the attached certified copy of the power of attorney for reference.

Reference - Certified Copy of Power of Attorney