Mobile Applications

Digital technology on site and on the move

Technical apps from NHBC

We know from research with our NHBC registered builders that there is an appetite to use digital technology on site and on the move.

In particular, more accessible information and mobile apps that make use of the information contained within the NHBC Standards to help our customers interpret and apply the Standards.

With this in mind, we've launched two Apps, with a third already in development.


NHBC 3D Viewer – brings technical guidance to life

This FREE app enables you to examine and interact with (rotate, zoom and pan) 3D models from the NHBC Standards. They show critical parts of the construction on your phone or tablet (such as stepped cavity trays and parapet details), making the Standards much simpler to understand and apply.

Once downloaded, you can access all 32 3D models and the animation on your device, any time anywhere as all the content is available offline, making this an ideal tool for Site Managers and tradesmen alike.

  • 7.2.8 Lateral restraint - Pitched roofs
  • 6.11.5a Movement joints - Render
  • 6.11.7c Weepholes - Render
  • VDPC - Flat/Mono pitched roofs

NHBC Foundation
Depth Calculator Plus

This free App helps you work out the correct foundation depths when building near trees, particularly in clay soil. It provides an effective field-based tool to help you assess tree types and the required foundation depths to comply with NHBC Standards.

How it works

This App has been enhanced to include new features and benefits. Continuing to help you work out the correct foundation depths when building near trees, particularly in clay soil, the Foundation Depth Calculator Plus is a four-in-one tool which includes:

  • An enhanced foundation depth calculator
  • A tree identification matrix
  • A distance and height measurement tool, and
  • A tree library with hundreds of High Definition photos.
See more detail and an explanatory video