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Foundation Depth Calculator Plus App

The Foundation Depth Calculator Plus App helps you calculate the correct foundation depths when building near trees in clay soils, and is available FREE on iOS, Android and Windows 10 desktop.

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Portable, detailed and fast technical calculations

The Foundation Depth Calculator Plus has been updated to include new tree identification and measurement tools. The App gives you an effective field-based tool on your mobile phone, handheld device or PC, to help assess tree types and required NHBC Standards Chapter 4.2 foundation depths when building near trees

The App allows for changes in ground level, the input of an unlimited number of trees and an auto climate zone depth reduction function via GPS.

The Foundation Depth Calculator Plus incorporates:

  • An enhanced foundation depth calculator
  • A NEW tree identification matrix
  • A NEW distance and height assessment tool
  • And an NEW tree library with hundreds of High Definition photos.

The calculator also confirms the governing tree type and suitable heave precautions.

The NEW tree guide features more than 400 high definition photos which show elements of a tree in winter and summer, including leaf, bark, tree shape, flower and fruit. The NEW identification matrix allows users to input as many tree descriptors as possible and a percentage match for each tree type is output.

The NEW distance and height measurement tool assists in estimating the distance and height of a tree with your phone when there is no adjacent benchmark.

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