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The award-winning* NHBC Foundation Depth Calculator App is designed to help you calculate the correct foundation depths when building near trees. It's available FREE on iOS, Windows OS and Android.

*Winner of the Housebuilder Site Product of the Year 2015 and Best Use of Mobile at the Construction Marketing Awards 2014

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Portable, detailed and fast technical calculations

The Foundation Depth Calculator gives you an effective field-based tool to help assess tree types (via third party apps) and required NHBC Standards Chapter 4.2 foundation depths on your mobile phone, handheld device or PC. It's the perfect app to confirm required foundation depths when building near trees in clay soil.

The App allows for changes in ground level, the input of an unlimited number of trees and an auto climate zone depth reduction function via GPS. It also advises on suitable heave precautions, if needed, and which tree(s) require them to be provided.

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Reducing foundation
related claims

Foundation related claims have cost the industry more than £36 million over the last 4 years. This new app will assist in reducing the number and cost of foundation-related claims and in turn raise standards and improve homeowner satisfaction.

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