New Requirements for SuDS implemented in Wales

7 January 2019

From 7 January 2019, all new developments in Wales of more than 1 dwelling house or where the construction area is 100 square metres or more, require SuDS for surface water.

From this date onwards, SuDS on new developments must be designed and built in accordance with the Statutory SuDS Standards published by the Welsh Ministers and SuDS Schemes must be approved by the local authority acting in its SAB role, before construction work begins.

The Welsh government has published draft Statutory Guidance for SuDS in Wales, the contents of which were developed in close consultation with the SuDS Advisory Group and have been amended following feedback from stakeholders. The final published version will include supplementary FAQs in support of the main document. The FAQs will be a living document and will be updated to reflect emerging questions.

  • You can find more information here

Please note: We are currently reviewing the new guidance in depth and will be updating this page on a regular basis as we understand the full implications of the changes.