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Technical Extra 19 - December 2015

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Technical Extra Issue 19 includes: NHBC Standards 2016; Chapter 5.4 FAQs; auto fire suppression systems (Wales); new requirements for consumer units; fire safety issues.

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Issue 18 - July 2015

Technical Extra Issue 18 includes: NHBC annual claims feedback | Standards 2016 | Housing Standards Review | Combustible claddings on multi-storey builds.

Issue 17 - February 2015

Technical Extra Issue 17 includes: updated guidance for guarding openable windows with low cills | maintaining adequate fire protection where proprietary dummy chimneys are situated over party walls | the provision of weep holes in masonry walls.

Issue 16 - November 2014

Technical Extra Issue 16 includes: Chapter 5.4 `Waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures' | Guidance and good practice - an industry perspective


Issue 15 - October 2014

Technical Extra Issue 15 includes: The importance of correctly installing cavity trays and DPCs | Regulation 38 of the Building Regulations | Code of practice relating to slating and tiling for pitched roofs and vertical cladding.


Issue 14 - July 2014

Technical Extra Issue 14 includes: Our annual claims review | Key issues around designing, manufacturing and installing windows | Good practice topics | Summary of NHBC Foundation reports


Issue 13 - March 2014

Approved Document Part L 2013 Special Edition - All you need to know about the updated Part L, the transitional provisions, key changes and practical guidance.


Issue 12 - October 2013

Technnical Extra Issue 12 Includes The NHBC Standards 2014 edition, introducing 3.2 `mechanical ventilation with heat recovery' and MVHR - getting it right, from the start.


Issue 11 - September 2013

Technnical Extra Issue 11 Include Updates to Approved Documents A, C and L, guidance on Part M, commissioning gas installations and the impact of relatively simple defects.


Issue 10 - June 2013

Technical Extra Issue 10 including basements, Foundation Depth Calculator app, Approved Document Regulation 7, Construction Products Regulations, Juliette balconies and British Woodwork Federation Stair Scheme.


Issue 09 - March 2013

Technical Extra Issue 09 including pitched roofs, protecting steel from corrosion and new MHVR standards.


Issue 08 - November 2012

Technical Extra Issue 08 including a detailed summary of the key changes in NHBC Standards 2013.


Issue 07 - July 2012

Technical Extra Issue 07 includes articles on aircrete blocks, FWMA and multipoint door locks.


Issue 06 - February 2012

Technical Extra Issue 06 is now available featuring an update on low or zero technologies (NHBC Standards Chapter 3.1) and two articles relating to façades.


Issue 05 - November 2011

Technical Extra 5 introduced the revised NHBC Standards Chapter 7.2 on 'Pitched Roofs'.
The revised Chapter came into force for all new homes with foundations concreted on or after 1 January 2012.


Issue 04 - October 2011

Technical Extra 4 includes updates on pitched roofs, The Flood and Water Management Act, guttering fixings and hardcore selection.


Issue 03 - Sept 2011

Technical Extra 03 focuses entirely on the challenges for the industry in complying with Part L of the Building Regulations in England and Wales.


Issue 02 - April 2011

Technical Extra 02 included articles on basements and waterproofing and details of the updated Code of Practice (CoP) on 'The Definition of Waste'


Issue 01 - February 2011

Our launch issue of Technical Extra included articles on pitched roofs and the Flood and Water Management Act.

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