Meet the trainers

Our webinar team are experienced industry trained professionals with a passion for learning and training

Dan Massey

Hi there, I’m Dan Massey, trainer for NHBC. I have over 20 years' experience in the construction industry, with my trade background being a roof slater and tiler. I have also worked in site management, health and safety and as a Building Inspector for NHBC.

People would describe me as being enthusiastic and generally a happy person.

The part of my role that I am most passionate about is providing the trainees with the information they need to do the best job they can. In short, you don’t need to know everything, you just need to know where to find the answers.

I am particularly interested in future technologies and how our world is changing with the benefits of innovative thinking.

I am a keen learner and always looking to develop. Rob McCracken is a big inspiration for me and the work he has done with the GB Olympic Boxing team is fantastic.

Chris Bruin

Hi, I am Chris Bruin. I am a trainer here at NHBC and as such one of my roles is to host and deliver webinars. I have 20 plus years’ experience in the building industry and I have previously worked as a site manager.

People would describe me as enthusiastic, easy going and focused.

I have always been passionate about developing myself and others, whether that is in a formal training environment, 1-2-1 in a site office or via webinars.

Away from work I have always been a keen sportsman, but these days it is from the sofa. I have always been enthralled by cricket and in particular the way it has embraced innovation to develop itself to encourage more players and a different audience.

I have also over the last few years been able to travel to far flung corners of the earth and it is true travel really does broaden the mind.

Steve Chadwick

Hi, I’m Steve Chadwick, trainer at NHBC.

I have worked for NHBC since 2001. I started my career in our Claims team, managed a team of sustainability consultants for a few years and then moved to what we describe as our Operations team, where I became a full time trainer. I have been delivering training courses to many hundreds of delegates over the last 6 years.

People often described me as enthusiastic, approachable and extremely credible.

I am passionate about helping others. When you see that light bulb moment on a delegate's face, it truly is a magical thing and you know you have made a difference.

I believe it is key to create an environment of low stress and high challenge. You know when it has happened as there is a nervousness and a personal feeling of vulnerability.

Family is a deeply important part of my life and it influences everything I do.


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