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Huf Haus

001 - Huf Haus


Kingston upon Thames

Modern Method of Construction

Services provided:
Acoustic services, building control, sustainability consultancy


Demonstrating energy efficiency for Huf Haus

Huf Haus produce high quality, iconic houses with a prefabricated, precision engineered post and beam system.

NHBC worked with the developer to provide practical advice and efficient regulatory compliance for the highly energy efficient design.

NHBC energy ratings reviewed the plans and provided the SAP and EPC, whilst the air pressure test achieved an Air Permeability Rating of 1.8 m3/hm2, demonstrating a performance far exceeding the prevailing Building Regulations figure of 10 m3/hm2.

The NHBC Acoustics test further demonstrated the quality of the construction, with a result that would gain the maximum 4 credits for the Code of Sustainable Homes.

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