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Application process

Registering with NHBC is quick and easy

Being NHBC registered also opens up access to a range of offers and benefits to help home building businesses. For more information, please read the NHBC rules and 'How to apply' section below.

Read the NHBC Rules


How to apply

1. Getting started

Complete your application form and return it to us with the appropriate fee and a Site Notification and Initial Notice (SNIN) form. The SNIN tells us about the site that you plan to develop and want Buildmark cover for. You should send this in as early as you can.


NHBC registered builders are able to build homes with the benefit of our Buildmark cover* directly for sale to home purchasers or on behalf of our registered developers and housing associations.


NHBC registered developers can offer homes directly for sale to home purchasers with the benefit of our Buildmark cover* but must employ an NHBC registered builder to construct the homes.

* A registered builder or developer is entitled to apply to register a home for Buildmark cover.

2. Application acknowledgement

We will acknowledge receipt of your application and send you a copy of the NHBC Standards, and also how to access these online. We will also give you details of your Building Inspector.

If this is your first site then we will notify you of the name of your Building Inspector for that site. You must contact them to make arrangements for them to carry out the initial inspection.

All inspections will be carried out on a without prejudice basis until it is confirmed that you are registered and have paid the Buildmark fees for the individual plots.

3. Application assessment

Next we will complete a commercial assessment, and if you have applied to be registered as a builder we will also undertake a technical assessment.

The commercial assessments

If you are registering as a builder, at this time we will advise on if we require a form of security.

Adverse information may affect your application.

The technical assessment

This is only for applicants applying to the Register as a builder, NHBC will assess your technical ability to build to NHBC standards. We will carry out a site based assessment, consider any prior history you may have with NHBC and your general construction experience.

If we undertake a site based assessment you will need to put forward at least one new build home for us to inspect at key stages in the build. This should be from foundation level up until we have seen sufficient work to be able to decide on your suitability for registration, this will usually be the first fix stage. We will provide contact details of the Building Inspector who will be carrying out the assessment, and it will be your responsibility to give notice to the Building Inspector when a key stage will be ready for inspection.

As part of the technical assessment, you will be required to undertake an online induction, which ends in an assessment. You will also be required to undertake a site health and safety inspection.

4. Offer of registration

After successful completion of the assessment process, we will make a formal offer of NHBC registration to you.

Each offer of registration will contain the following conditions that form the basis of our future working relationship:

an agreement to adhere to the NHBC Rules

an agreement to register any homes being inspected by NHBC for warranty without delay

an agreement on the number of homes you propose to register for warranty in the short to medium term future

confirmation of the Premium Rating relevant to your application

a request for security, if applicable, which NHBC may call on if you are unable to meet your liabilities under Buildmark. (Please refer to the appropriate Buildmark policy for further information)

The security we require would be requested as a result of the commercial assessment, and please note that additional conditions could be required.

5. Accepting our offer of registration

You formally sign and return the conditions of registration to us.

Once we have received this, we aim to place you on the NHBC Register within 24 hours at which point you will be able to proceed with registering your homes for Buildmark cover.

6. Welcome to the NHBC Register and next steps

Upon receipt of your conditions of registration we send you your Registration Certificate and your NHBC publicity material.

You can now register your plots for NHBC Buildmark and can use NHBC for Building Control services, as well as advertise yourself as being NHBC registered.

7. Obtaining NHBC Buildmark cover for your site

During the course of your application for registration, we will send you a Product Plot Schedule form. This form lists which plots on your site you would like to register for Buildmark cover. You will need to complete and return it to us to generate your quotation.

We cannot issue a quotation unless the builder (and developer if applicable) involved on a site are NHBC registered.

Once you accept the quotation and pay the Buildmark fee, we will send you an activation code for each plot. You can use this to access your Buildmark documentation online. Please be aware that every plot registered will have individual warranty fees.