NHBC guide to renewable energy

NHBC has published a new guide on renewable energy to provide information for NHBC registered builders specifying or installing renewable energy technology.

It brings together useful information into a single, concise PDF publication that will help readers identify those aspects of specification and installation necessary for systems to work well and deliver environmental benefit, without giving rise to unexpected problems.

It covers the most commonly used 'microgeneration' technologies:

  • solar thermal (solar water heating systems)
  • solar electric (photovoltaic)
  • heat pumps (ground source and air source)
  • wind turbines (small scale, building mounted)
  • biomass (domestic biomass heating systems).

The Guide responds to the call from the UK Government for carbon dioxide emissions to be cut in order to address the issue of climate change.  It will be of particular interest to those building homes to comply with the new Code for Sustainable Homes or satisfying a 'Merton Rule' type planning condition, requiring on-site energy generation.

Download Guide to Renewable Energy (3.5mb pdf) This document is only available in electronic format.