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NHBC Project Managers Specialist support for complex projects and non-conventional design

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Where design and build projects involve complex elements or less conventional features, compliance with the NHBC Technical Standards can be more involved than it is for "standard" housing.

Our team of Project Managers can guide you through the Technical Standards from initial design and help you meet those Standards - often before you've even applied for NHBC Buildmark cover. The Project Managers will:

  • manage the project within NHBC from initial design to completion
  • check plans and highlight risk areas to ensure compliance with NHBC Technical Standards
  • work with you to resolve issues prior to construction to reduce your risk of future abortive work, reduce Reportable Items and/or claims from homeowners.

What is a complex project?

Our Special Project team can assist with the following projects:

  • New-multi-storey builds of 3 or more storeys that include any of these elements - cladding, window walling, green/brown roofs, podiums, balconies, other innovative design.
  • Any new-builds with basements.


Reducing your risk and providing confidence

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By engaging with our Special Project team at the earliest opportunity, you can reduce the risk of reportable items and the potential need for abortive work in the future. Our Project Managers can review your plans, highlight key issues and work with your design team to provide you with confidence in your proposals - all before construction starts.





How the team works

Our Project Managers like to engage with you at the earliest possible opportunity. They can attend appropriate design meetings to advise on compliance with our Technical Standards - ideally before you apply for NHBC Buildmark cover but, failing that, shortly after we've received your Site Notice Initial Notification (SNIN).

They will work closely with your NHBC surveyor (where you're using NHBC Building Control), the NHBC Engineer and other NHBC technical staff, with Technical Progress Reports sent to you from one source that includes all technical queries and issues. In addition, they will keep your NHBC Building Inspector appraised of the design to ensure smooth progress of your project on site until completion.

Talk to us about your project

To discuss your project with the team, please call us on 0844 633 1000 and ask for "Special Project Manager".


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