Construction quality reviews Construction quality reviews

Construction Quality Reviews

Working together to deliver high levels of construction quality

NHBC has developed a programme focusing on construction quality that will help the house building industry maintain and raise quality during this period of significant volume growth.

As part of this NHBC are introducing Construction Quality Reviews (CQRs) in addition to the normal inspection process.

Key facts

  • Independent third-party reviews of ‘construction quality’ on all your active sites registered with NHBC, comprising an annual 2-3 hour detailed site review undertaken by our Inspection Managers covering construction work in build
  • Reviews extend NHBC’s approach from identifying ‘what is wrong’ to gaining an understanding of ‘why it went wrong’ by establishing root causations, taking into account the whole process (Design, Procurement and Construction)
  • Reviews will also identify areas of very good construction quality and again establish underlying causations
  • Feedback provided at various levels - site / senior management / industry
  • Detailed macro-level data across sites will be analysed and key findings provided annually to each company at senior management and industry level, to help spread best practice and drive up construction quality

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