Enter the ‘Best Site’ awards

Open to all NHBC registered builders

Entrant's details

NHBC Registration Number

You can find your NHBC Registration number on any awards communications, on the NHBC Portal, on your NHBC Registration card or on the Product Plot Schedule.


Site ${number}.

Is this site currently being inspected by NHBC Health & Safety services? *

  • Notify

    Please notify us during the judging period should the Site Manager details need amending, by emailing HSAwards@nhbc.co.uk

  • SNIN

    10 digits starting with '0'

  • Reference number

    Your job reference number will be 2 letters followed by 6 digits and can be found on any communications related to this site.

  • Completion

    Site entered must not have reached completion by the end of July 2017.

  • Is the main construction on-site during the judging period multi-storey (five storeys or more)? *

  • Has this site previously been entered into the H&S Awards *