2011 National Winner profiles

The following profiles showcase the national winners and use the winning description used in the script of the awards ceremony on the day.  The words describe how the judges viewed the winners and their key attributes and why their site won this accolade.

The four National Winners all showed great leadership, creativity and innovation in addressing the particular challenges of their sites. They all demonstrated that they had exceeded usual best practice. To win the ultimate award is a huge achievement and we congratulate them all.

Small Builder Category 

Vanderbilt Homes - Frank Claridge

Frank Claridge - Vanderbilt Homes - Magdalen Road

This site manager had to cope with limited storage on this site and introduced a 'just in time' method of ordering materials. He also, upon each inspection has demonstrated 'the tightest site possible'! All trades are enthusiastic and engaged and want to be seen at delivering the best. In return, this site manager has made good use of internal space to provide excellent welfare facilities for the trades.

This site manager believes that his strengths lie in getting everyone involved working to the same ends and getting the job done.

Medium Builder Category

Frank Haslam Milan, Pannel Croft - Greg Freeman

Greg Freeman - FHM West Midlands - Pannel Croft

The regional winner in the central region has prohibited the use of stepladders on site - only podium's and working platforms and hop-ups are allowed. On visits an excellent site set up and compound was observed, with operatives genuinely talking to each other and to the site management team to find solutions. This site manager has established an excellent training programme, and is very 'hands-on' and is a good inspiration to the people that work with him.

Large Builder Category

Linden Homes Chiltern Limited, Orchard Grove - Danny Conetta

Danny Conetta Linden Homes - Chiltern Orchard Grove

This winning site manager has put considerable effort in to developing a fire plan on their timber frame site, this is independently monitored by a third party organisation.

A site-wide gloves policy is in force and all sub contractors foremen have attended the Construction Skills 5 day site manager safety training scheme - there is a great deal of respect felt from the workers and pride in what they are doing.

Multi-Storey Category

 St George South London - Marcus Blake

Marcus Blake - St George South - The Tower

Here we see a site that has a WEEKLY visit from the occupational nurse! Healthy eating options available in the subsidised restaurant and satelite toilet facilities and drinking provision made available throughout the building.

Every Friday, management hold their own educational toolbox talks and safety briefings where the previous weeks activity is reviewed and the team look ahead at the coming week.

This site manager also insisted on early involvement from the fire brigade and the HSE with regards to fire safety and tall building safety - this will be a 52 storey building !

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