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NHBC Standards and the Technical Requirements

The Technical Requirements, which are referred to in the Buildmark policy document, are the mandatory requirements that the builder must meet when building a property registered with NHBC.  These requirements are published in the NHBC Standards and the NHBC Standards for Conversions & Renovations. 

The Standards for new build homes are divided into 10 Parts further sub-divided into 34 Chapters containing sections for Design, Materials and Sitework, all of which follow the basic build sequence of most homes. A hierarchy exists within the Standards denoted by text colour:

  • Red Text = NHBC Technical Requirements.  These are mandatory and must be met by the builder
  • Black Text = Performance Standards for Design, Materials and Sitework.
  • Blue Text = Guidance (on how the Performance Standards may be met).

The Technical Requirements are;

R1 Statutory requirements;
work shall comply with all relevant Building Regulations and other statutory requirements relating to the completed construction work.
R2 Design Requirement;
Design and specification shall provide satisfactory performance.
R3 Materials requirement;
All materials, products and building systems shall be suitable for their intended purpose.
R4 Workmanship requirement;
All work shall be carried out in a proper, neat and workmanlike manner.
R5 Structural Design requirement;
Structural design shall be carried out by suitably qualified persons in accordance with Brithish Standards and Codes of Practice.

And additionally for conversions and renovations;

Guidance is based on normal construction procedures and recommended practices which have been shown to be satisfactory and acceptable over time.

Where the builder has followed the Guidance (blue text) he will have met the Performance Standard (black text) and also satisfied the Technical Requirements (red text). However, please note that NHBC may have considered an alternative method to meet a specific requirement at the time of construction.

The Standards for Conversions and Renovations follow a similar principle.

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