Buildmark Choice

Buildmark Choice helps you:

Manage risk - our experts are with you at every stage, helping to reduce and manage risk right from the start.

Stay on top - we have unrivalled knowledge to help you and your contractors with technical advice and support in all areas of home-building, sustainability and compliance.

Satisfy lenders and insurers - Buildmark Choice is recognised and trusted by all major housing lenders, insurers and regulators.

Our warranty and insurance cover for newly built or converted social housing

Key features of Buildmark Choice:

Buildmark Choice provides you, your tenants and homeowners with:

  • A builder warranty and NHBC Guarantee for the first two years after completion. During this period, the contractor is responsible for putting right damage to the home(s) or common parts caused by their failure to build to the NHBC Standards. In the event of contractor insolvency in this period, we insure their obligations.
  • In years 3 to 10 post-completion, you are covered for damage to specified parts of the home. We will also cover removal, storage, loss of rent and alternative accommodation if the occupier has to move out so that repair work can be done.
  • Cover if you are served, or are likely to be served, a Statutory Notice about contamination of the land that existed at completion.

For further details, please see this Policy details page.

Options to extend Buildmark Choice cover:

You can choose to add additional insurance cover to Buildmark Choice as follows:

  • Option 1: Insolvency cover before practical completion
    Add insurance cover to protect you if your contractor is unable to complete the build due to insolvency or fraud.
  • Option 2: Professional fees
    Add insurance cover for reasonable professional fees that you incur in connection with a valid claim.
  • Option 3: Extended period of cover
    Extend the insurance period (including for Professional Fees if selected) by a further 2 years, giving 12 years' cover in total.

Full policy document

For full details of the Buildmark Choice policy, please read the current policy document.

This particular sample document applies to new homes registered from 1 April 2016. If you need a copy of a policy for homes registered before this date please call us on and ask for 'Customer Services'.

Discuss Buildmark Choice

To discuss Buildmark Choice or to request a guide price, please call us on 0344 633 1000 and ask for 'Customer Services'.

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