Why choose NHBC?

NHBC is your partner in managing the risk inherent in new home development and in helping your customer service.

Strategic partner

We are a strategic partner in managing development risk - with tools to evaluate the viability of developments, services to ensure the quality of land for house building, design advice, inspections during construction, and warranty/insurance protection.

Technical expertise

We are the industry-leading source of technical house building advice, setting standards for the house-building industry. Read more about how we improve standards and practice here.

Leading warranty provider

We provide warranty and insurance on new homes to protect you as landlord and your customers who buy new homes from you - the largest provider in the UK providing cover on 80% of the UK's new homes. Learn more about NHBC's warranty and insurance products here.

Helping your compliance

We provide a range of services to ensure your new home developments meet regulatory standards. Visit our Consultancy and Testing Services site here.

Managing your developments

We enable you to manage your new home development programmes with live online reporting on the status of all homes under development, all made possible with the NHBC Portal.

Improve your customer service

We help in providing your new home buying customers with all they need to know about living in their new home - through the Home User Guide (HUG).

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