NHBC Promotional Toolkit

FREE Training Videos

Our suite of 6 training videos have been designed as a short, easy-to-digest, introduction to NHBC. They are easy to access, and provide a clear understanding of the benefits of being an NHBC registered builder, and the all-important detail of our warranty and insurance product.

Following a short introduction, modules include:

  • Being Registered with NHBC – The benefits of NHBC registration and how it helps you to sell your homes.
  • The Partnership – How NHBC independently inspects new homes at key stages and works with registered builders throughout the build.
  • Buildmark – An informative introduction to Buildmark and what it covers.
  • Benefits of buying new – A summary of the benefits of buying a new house, through the eyes of homeowners.
  • Beyond the build – Looking at how the partnership between NHBC and builder goes beyond the build and how this is passed on to the homeowner.
  • And finally - A short summary of the learning.

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We can also send you the videos on request; however when using this method, we are unable to provide analytics on video views or assessment results. If you would like them in this format please email us.

Free sales publications for your showrooms

Order “Guide to Buildmark” and “Why buy this home” for FREE through our online shop.

These documents will inform your potential homeowners of the detail around buying a new home with an NHBC warranty, and what this includes. We can provide two publications free of charge; these will also assist you in complying with The Consumer Code, by keeping potential homeowner reliably informed with the detail of their purchase and providing details of The Consumer Code to them.

Documents and Information for upload

We have put together a package of information to help you promote your partnership with NHBC and the benefit this offers to your homeowners. We have created a short informational video and informative copy which you can add you your website.

NHBC and Yellow Brand Protection

NHBC are working with Yellow Brand Protection to help maintain the integrity of the NHBC logo and brand. You may receive an email from Yellow Brand Protection with the latest version of NHBC’s logo attached – this is for you to download and deploy on your website.

If you have any questions relating to this email, please call our Customer Service team on 0344 633 1000.

Any questions?

If you need any assistance, please contact Julie Lonsdale on 01908 746710 or by email at jlonsdale@nhbc.co.uk

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