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London Mayor puts new homes for Londoners at the centre of his plans for growth

At an event hosted today by the NHBC, London Mayor Boris Johnson highlighted his commitment to delivering homes for Londoners.

In front of a cross-housing industry audience, Boris Johnson acknowledged that housing is one of the biggest issues raised to him by the public on the street. He said: "We must build tens of thousands of new homes for Londoners each year, allowing Londoners the opportunity to buy homes close to the centres of commerce and to jobs".

The Mayor reiterated a pledge to creating at least 55,000 affordable more homes by the end of the next Mayoral period. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of those homes being built both to high standards, and made affordable.

Supporting the NHBC's work, the Mayor said: "the housing we're building now should last for hundreds of years. Let's build properly and build to last."

The Mayor also promised to consider proposals to re-name London's housing team as 'Homes for London' - like Transport for London - in a bid to help demonstrate City Hall's commitment to housing to Londoners.

On the difficult issue of financing homebuilding in the Capital, the Mayor said that accessing institutional investment was the 'holy grail' and he would 'convoke' meetings with leading investors to urge their involvement.

NHBC Executive Chairman Isabel Hudson said: "One of the most important issues and ongoing challenges facing the capital is housing - whether it is the supply of new homes, the type of homes, affordability, mortgages, social housing, or zero carbon housing. We are therefore extremely pleased that the Mayor accepted our invitation to discuss some of these very issues.

 "NHBC works with all parties to support the development of housing policy and plays an active and important role in London and across the country, raising the standards of newly built homes and providing our warranty to over 80% of all new homeowners. Today, tens of thousands of Londoners have the NHBC Buildmark warranty, providing them with world leading consumer protection on their new home.

"London's population is expected to grow by 1 million over the next 20 years and the number of households by 700,000, the scale of the challenges ahead are clear for us all to see."

London Mayor puts new homes for Londoners at the centre of his plans for growth

News Date: 20/04/12