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NHBC response to Future Homes Commission report

NHBC welcomes the report's presentation of the overwhelming case for a step change in the volume of housing output in the UK and believes that this is a siren call for a wider debate aimed at ending the current chronic undersupply of new homes.

Our own figures for Q3 2012 showed a 6% decrease in overall new home registrations compared to the same period last year; highlighting the continued need for  innovation to stimulate the market. The connection between house building and economic growth has been well documented but success can only be realised through a collaborative effort by the industry and government to explore new recommendations to increase new home building in the UK.

We note the report findings on people's views of new homes with interest. As the report  highlights there have been significant improvement in some elements in the design of homes  in recent years and Customer Satisfaction Survey run by NHBC that 90% of new home buyers rate the quality of their homes as good or very good and over 90% would recommend their builder to a friend.

The report recognises that more could be done at the valuation stage to ensure that the price of a new home reflects factors like its energy efficiency. We highlighted this same issue earlier this year; new homes are far more energy efficient than existing homes and this is important to consumers, yet it is an issue that is not reflected in the valuation process. We look forward to working with the wider industry on this issue.

News Date: 26/10/12