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NHBC reveal details of the 2013 Technical Standards

NHBC has announced that the 2013 edition of its Standards will be published in December.

The last full edition of the NHBC Standards became effective January 2011, although a stand-alone edition of Chapter 7.2 'Pitched roofs' was introduced January 2012.

2013 NHBC Standards front cover 150px

There have also been a number of major technical updates since 2011, many of which have been detailed in NHBC's Technical Extra publications, and these together with the updated 2012 edition of Chapter 7.2 have been captured in the new edition which becomes effective on 1 January 2013.

The 2013 Standards will be distributed free of charge in hard copy to NHBC Registered builders who are actively building in early December. Registered builders who are about to start building but haven't yet registered the site should contact NHBC and request a copy without delay.

In addition to the normal book and CD format NHBC has also announced that the 2013 edition will be available online in a new digital catalogue which allows users to read the Standards like an electronic book.

Graham Perrior, NHBC's Head of Standards and Technical, said: "This new way of accessing the Standards will make it easier to ensure that builders are up to date with all the latest technical guidance and will make it quicker to access relevant technical advice on new home construction."

The main changes include the revised Chapter 7.2 'Pitched roofs', which became effective on 1 January 2012, which has now been incorporated into the Standards. More recently, and following constructive feedback from industry, the guidance in this Chapter pertaining to tiles and slates at the verge have been further amended.

Chapters 6.7 'Doors, windows and glazing' and 6.9 'Curtain walling and cladding' contain updated guidance on the use of multiple door and window frame assemblies that are either contained within one storey or span more than one storey.

Publication of the updated Standards forms an integral part of NHBC's Virtuous Circle, which remains pivotal in helping to raise standards across the industry; from vetting builders before they join the Register, setting Standards, inspecting homes during construction, collecting data and providing constructive feedback to industry, training and appropriate changes to the Standards.

For further technical advice and support, please call 01908 747384.

News Date: 28/11/12