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NHBC supporting the affordable housing sector

Recent years have brought turbulence and change in the affordable housing sector, much like the wider housing sector. One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining supply levels through the economic downturn and NHBC statistics show a gradual decline in the number of affordable homes being built. This decline is continuing and 2012 brought the lowest number of new affordable home registrations since at least 2008.

The picture is not entirely one of doom and gloom, however, as on the ground reports suggest construction levels may be stabilising, or even picking up.

Yet it is likely that there will be more challenges in the years to come. Budgets for affordable housing are being squeezed and housing benefit is being reformed. At the same time, the National Affordable Housing Programme aims to increase the delivery of affordable housing within specific, and in some cases short, timeframes. And, sustainability targets are not going away.

This all means there will be pressure on developers and contractors to build more homes, more quickly, and at a lesser cost. A key issue in doing so will be balancing these factors to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of homes in the future.

And that is where NHBC can help. We are here to support the affordable housing sector in meeting the many challenges of providing good quality, sustainable housing on a large scale, with as little risk as possible. We believe in a collaborative approach and ensure our team of experts are involved at the outset of a project to 'design out' technical risks. We follow a rigorous site inspection regime at key stages in construction.

Once a development is complete, we offer comprehensive protection for up 12 years, and importantly items such as services and finishes are covered for the initial two years which could otherwise be costly to affordable housing landlords.

For many organisations, the future is neither clear not certain. But, with NHBC on board from the start of a project, we can assist affordable housing providers to proactively tackle some of those uncertainties.

News Date: 26/02/13