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NHBC are making changes to the way our inspection and technical teams are organised

NHBC are making changes to the way our inspection and technical teams are organised as part of a programme of improvements to make it easier for you to do business with us. We are also introducing some changes to our services.

  • Area Technical Teams have been formed combining the currently separate teams of engineers, surveyors and special risk project managers
  • Inspection areas have been re-shaped so that they align with the new Area Technical Teams
  • New land quality and geotechnical services are now available
  • A new key stage inspection for apartments is being introduced

More information on these changes is provided below.

Area Technical Teams
We're bringing our engineers, surveyors and special risk project managers together into area based teams. The areas they cover and the contact details of the new Area Technical Managers are shown on the NHBC website at

We already tell you who your engineer, and (where appropriate) surveyor and special risk project manager is when you register a project with us. But we feel we can provide you with an even better service by bringing them together into area teams.

The new teams started working together on 1st July. We're not making immediate changes to contacts on existing projects - that would be too disruptive - but we will be allocating all new projects to the local area team wherever possible.

Re-shaped inspection areas
The areas covered by the inspection teams are now aligned with those of the area technical teams. This will mean each inspection team and each project will have their own dedicated engineer, surveyor and special risk project manager to call on to help not only with design but also with any site issues.

New land quality and geotechnical service
You may know we offer a paid-for consultancy service, called Land Quality Endorsement (LQE), to landowners who want to clean up brownfield sites with challenging geotechnical or contamination issues so that they can offer them to housebuilders. This unique NHBC service has been used on many large former industrial or mineral working sites. Further information on the LQE service is available on the NHBC website using the `products and services' link.

Builders also come to us before registering a site when they are looking at viability proposals or at buying land that may have difficult ground conditions. We are always pleased to provide input at the early stages of a development. We know it helps both of us if you are clear on what's needed to be able to meet NHBC's Standards. We are now making this service available to all our major customers in the following way:

  • Pre-registration appraisal - this is a no commitment, no cost service. This service is aimed at initial site appraisals primarily when you are looking at buying land. We will review any basic site investigation information or environmental search reports that you have and carry out  a headline check aimed at letting you know the foundation proposals or clean-up solutions that would be acceptable to NHBC. We'll also tell you what further information we would need when the site is registered with us. As your interest in the site may be speculative we're not looking for any commitment from you to register the site at this stage. If you have detailed site investigation reports and proposals that you would like us to review we would be pleased to offer our Site Assessment Service.
  • Site Assessment Service - this no cost service is for when you have bought a site and have detailed site investigation information, or clean up or foundation proposals. We will review these in detail and tell you whether they meet NHBCs Standards and where you want us to do building control, the Building Regulations (in England and Wales). We will provide you with a Technical Report that will list any conditions that you need to satisfy for the homes to be covered for warranty purposes. Although this service involves us in a lot more work, all we ask is that you submit a Site Notification and Initial Notice (SNIN). There's no cost involved until you are ready to register the homes.
  • LQE - this full consultancy service is primarily for land developers, land owners and specialist remediation companies. However, some builders who have sold parcels of land to other builders have also used the service. This has given their buyers extra re-assurance that the site has been cleaned up to NHBC's Standards and lets them know what types of foundations would be acceptable to us.

For more information on any of these services speak to your engineering contact.

New key stage inspection for apartments
We have been looking at how the industry has changed since the introduction of our Key Stage Inspection service and have decided to implement a new specific key stage inspection of common parts at pre-plaster. We would previously have inspected these areas as part of our frequency inspections but by identifying them as a new key stage this will improve reporting and also enable us to identify key risks and feedback to industry through our Virtuous Circle model.

If you would like to discuss any of these changes please do get in touch with your new Area Technical Manager or Inspection Manager by email or give them a call. Contact details are available here.

News Date: 16/07/13