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Responding to Emma Reynolds' keynote housing speech at NHBC's London office, Mike Quinton, chief executive of NHBC said:

"We welcome today's commitment to the continued growth of the housing market. Our figures show that while the UK new housing market is currently experiencing a broad-based recovery; we are still building well below the levels our country so desperately needs.

"We welcome Labour's pledge to support small builders, who have been particularly hard hit by the economic downturn. NHBC is currently conducting its own research into the obstacles small builders face when returning to the housing market, which will report next month.

"We hope our findings will inform the ongoing debate about how future government policy will help increase the number of smaller builders and the volume of new homes they build every year."

Media contact at NHBC

Nadia Bedra  on 01908 746 734

News Date: 13/01/14