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Design - the top reason why families love their new build home

Design is the top reason homeowners gave for loving their new build homes, according to new research by NHBC (The National House-Building Council).

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The new survey of over 1,000 people found that the design topped the list of their favourite things about their new build home, followed by its location and size and space.

The research, which is published on Valentine's Day, found that over one fifth (20 per cent) of people fell in love with the design and layout/look and feel of their new home, followed by a similar number (19 per cent) who said they were most attracted by its location. In third spot, just over 17 per cent said they loved the space that their new homes gave them.

Other popular answers were that new homes are energy efficient as well as being warm and cosy.

Previous research by NHBC Foundation found that families who live in new build homes built to 2013 standards could save more than £1,400 a year on their energy bills when compared to their neighbours in older homes.

The research was carried out using NHBC's nine month customer satisfaction survey.

The top 10 reasons people gave for loving their new home are:

  1. Design and layout / look & feel
  2. Location
  3. Size and space
  4. Kitchen
  5. It's new
  6. Cosy and warm
  7. Energy efficiency
  8. Maintenance-free/No DIY
  9. Garden
  10. Quality of home

NHBC, the UK's leading standard-setting body and warranty provider of new homes, has been carrying out customer satisfaction surveys and analysing the data for over nine years. In 2011 alone, NHBC sent out over 100,000 surveys a year at eight weeks and nine months after legal completion.

The questionnaires allow owners to rate issues such as the standard of finish in their new homes, whether they have reported any defects and how satisfied they are with the overall quality.

Mike Quinton, Chief Executive of NHBC, said: "With customer satisfaction being at the heart of the house-building industry, it seemed appropriate to find out what people love most about living in new-build homes for Valentine's Day.

"This survey, of people who have lived in a new home for nine months, shows continued high levels of homeowner satisfaction, from the design, through to quality, space, and even energy efficiency.

"With more choice in the housing market now than over the past several years, new homes are ticking most of the boxes for the things that buyers want - like space and design - when considering their next move."

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News Date: 14/02/14