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No time to lose to cut work cancer deaths

NHBC is supporting an industry-wide campaign called 'No Time to Lose', organised by IOSH, which works to cut the number of deaths from occupational cancer.


According to conservative estimates, some 8,000 people die from cancer and around 14,000 contract the disease each year in the UK because of exposure to a work-related carcinogen, such as diesel exhaust fumes, silica dust or asbestos fibres. Worldwide, occupational cancer claims the lives of more than 666,000 a year - one death every 47 seconds.

The figures far outstrip those for fatal incidents in the workplace, but the invisibility of carcinogens, the long latency of their effects and a lack of knowledge continue to produce this staggeringly high number of preventable deaths and cancer registrations.

Tom Kitchen, NHBC Health and Safety Operations Manager, talked about why it was important for NHBC to be involved:

"Construction, and house-building, is among the most dangerous industries to work in. NHBC's health and safety services help housebuilders tackle essential issues, but occupational health is much harder address than functional threats. It is essential that housebuilders look at addressing occupational health issues, particularly those that lead to cancer.

"As NHBC's charity partner Cancer Research will tell you, cancers of all types blight many lives in the UK, and some we can do nothing about - but in the case of cancers caused by carcinogen exposure in the work-place, these are largely preventable. We are supporting IOSH's No Time to Lose campaign because it will help save lives. It really is that simple."

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News Date: 24/11/14