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Ecodan air source heat pump recall

Mitsubishi Electric UK have issued a safety recall for ten models of their Ecodan air source heat pump unit due to a potential risk of component failure.

Safety Recall

Ecodan air source heat pump failure

Information paper - 17 August 2010

1. The problem

MITSUBISHI Electric UK has issued a voluntary product safety recall after a component failure in one of its Ecodan air source heat pumps. The failure, which occurred on 9th July 2010, resulted in significant damage to the unit, which was mounted adjacent to the external wall of the home. Fortunately no one was in close proximity when the failure occurred.

2. Scale of the problem

MITSUBISHI Electric UK has begun the process of recalling 10 models that were manufactured using the particular component which failed. The models affected by this recall are:

  • PUHZ-HW140YHA2-BS.

Model PUHZ-W85VHA2-BS is not affected by the recall as it does not use the component in question.

MITSUBISHI Electric UK has advised that the total number of installed units to be replaced is 5,415. They have also advised that 66% of installations are to new homes and 34% are to existing stock.

3. Action being taken by MITSUBISHI

Mitsubishi is pro-actively contacting all affected Ecodan installers, Housing Associations and Developers to ensure that they have the correct contact details and addresses where the units have been installed. Mitsubishi intend writing to every household where a heat pump has been installed and are arranging to replace each affected unit.

      Mitsubishi Electric is providing the following guidance to homeowners:

      If you have an Ecodan heat pump outside your home, please check whether your model is affected. In order to determine this, please check the model number on the silver panel located on the front of the unit. If you do have one of the models listed above, you must:

  1. Switch the unit off immediately and leave it off. Turn it off using your normal heating controls or if you are unsure of how to do this, you can turn off the isolator switch which is located on or next to the outdoor unit
  2. Use your immersion heater to provide you with hot water until we can arrange a replacement heat pump. If you do not have an immersion heater or are unsure, please call our helpline.
  3. Contact us for information on what to do next and for further details on the replacement programme.

NHBC recommend that the unit is switched off at the heating control panel prior to checking the model number.

4. Replacement programme

MITSUBISHI Electric UK anticipate that the majority of affected units will be replaced with their 2nd generation model prior to the start of the heating season, with each replacement taking between 2-3 hours. Replacements are being prioritised in terms of household situation (young children, elderly, disabled), area within the UK (climatic conditions) etc.

Housing Associations and Developers are being contacted by their Account Manager to discuss implementing the recall programme.

There will be occasions where a replacement is not practical or possible and MITSUBISHI Electric UK is requesting assistance through the Ecodan installers, Housing Associations and Developers to identify these cases and to find a suitable resolution.

A new 3 year warranty for the unit will be provided from the date of exchange.

5. Recommendations

If you have an Ecodan air source heat pump installed at your home, with a model number that is listed in section 2 above, switch the unit off immediately and contact Mitsubishi for further advice.

6. Mitsubishi Electric UK contact details

Alternatively call the MITSUBISHI FREEPHONE helpline on 0800 093 4870 (Lines are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 7pm).




News Date: 17/08/10