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Minister Invites Industry to Submit a Christmas Wish List for Housing Regulation at NHBC Annual Lunch

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced the scrapping of HCA building standards and a new 'Local Standards Framework' policy at NHBC's Annual Lunch today. NHBC has been invited to join a group of industry leaders to develop the new framework.

In a major policy address at NHBC's annual lunch today, Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced the withdrawal of proposed HCA building standards for homes built with Government funding and a 'Local Standards Framework' policy proposal.

Under the policy, building regulations will remain the bedrock of the system which Ministers believe are sufficient to deliver high quality homes.  A group of industry leaders, including NHBC's Chief Executive, Imtiaz Farookhi, will be set up to review all standards that apply to the house-building industry. 

The Minister called for housebuilders to compile their "Christmas Wish List" of regulatory red tape that they would like to see come to an end during a consultation process that will last until the end of December. 

Speaking at the event in Covent Garden's Royal Opera House, Housing Minister Grant Shapps MP said: "We are on the side of families who want more good quality homes available - that's why we're scrapping expensive new standards for homes built with Government cash and on public land. There's no good reason why homes built on public land should be built any differently to those of high quality on private land. So I'm getting rid of this unnecessary requirement, and I'll be working hard to make sure that, in the long run, the standards that apply to private and public housing are exactly the same.

"I'm also calling time on the cocktails of local building standards that developers have to meet, some of which are directly contradictory.  House builders are the experts at building homes, so I'm inviting them to be in charge of developing a new framework for local building standards - one which enables communities to get the high quality homes they demand, but without causing unnecessary costs and delays for developers."

NHBC's Chief Executive Imtiaz Farookhi said: "I'm delighted that the Minister has announced details of this critical policy area at our annual lunch today and welcome the invitation to play a central role in developing the policy process going forward.  We look forward to making a positive contribution, working with government and others, to deliver a successful policy for the industry and new home owners."


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News Date: 25/11/10