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001 HCA - Silverdale Colliery

Silverdale, Staffordshire


Remediation and regeneration

Services provided:
Land Quality Endorsement

"LQE focused attention on the issues of greatest importance for the housing developer and resolved general issues of foundation design and gas risk."
Consultants White Young Green

Land Quality Endorsement


The HCA commissioned NHBC's LQE service on their 105ha site by Silverdale village in Staffordshire, where up to 300 residential and mixed-use properties will transform the former colliery pithead area.

The site is characterised by redundant open cast and deep coal mine works, together with associated railway infrastructure and settlement lagoons for the treatment of mine water. A restored landscaped country park is planned on the remaining colliery spoil tips and partially backfilled open cast pits.

The LQE team appraised all reports produced by the client's consultant, providing instant feedback and comment on compliance with NHBC Standards. The reports included desk study, intrusive investigations, sampling and testing protocols, human health and controlled waters risk assessments, remedial proposals and earthworks specification.

A remedial strategy was developed to manage contamination, address geotechnical issues and create a suitable platform for development. NHBC issued five LQE certificates, reflecting the stage of compliance with NHBC Standards at time of issue.

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